Family toothbrush with interactive app and games

A Smart Application
With Multiple Personalities

Kolibree’s multi-faceted software allows children to play games while learning good oral hygiene, and enables parents to monitor and improve their kids’ and their own tooth brushing habits.

smartphone with connected toothbrush app

The Kolibree smart app is a true revolution in oral hygiene.

The children interface gamifies the experience of tooth brushing and engages kids day after day through a fun and educative adventure.

Interactive Bluetooth app with brushing tips and coaching

The Coach app is designed for adults and allows real time data capture, interaction and qualitative analysis: teaching grown-ups how to improve their oral hygiene.

Go Pirate! Game

Toothbrushing app game for kids to learn to brush
  • Fun & Free
  • Multiple players’ profiles
  • Real time gaming interaction
  • Points & badges collecting
  • Leaderboard for family competitions
  • 16 game levels with various adventures
  • 3 months’ worth of continuous gaming
  • Educative process (qualitative & frequency)
  • Virtual Rewards & Incentives
  • Automated educative interface
  • Tracks Brushing Behavior
  • Parents’ brushing monitoring
  • Data can be shared with dentists

Visit the Kolibree Game page for more information on Go Pirate 2!

Application & Coach

Smart toothbrush and interact app to teach, monitor and improve brushing
  • Free App
  • Single or Multi-users mode
  • Compatible iOS 9+ and Android 4.1+
  • Dentist data sharing (option)
  • Records Brushing even not connected
  • Real Time Interaction via Bluetooth™
  • Dashboard w/ weekly Statistics
  • Progress Measurement over time
  • Brushing Quality Visual Analysis
  • Brushing areas details reporting

Download the Kolibree Smart App & Game now for free.

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