The smartest and most elegant toothbrush

Helps you and your family brush better


"Kolibree has created a way for children, parents and adults alike, to actually want to brush their teeth and actually brush it better."

Holly H.

"It was very difficult to motivate children to brush their teeth and even more difficult to motivate to do it well. It’s no longer the case with Kolibree”

Evgeny H. (father to two boys)

“My kids were ecstatic, all three of them did multiple rounds of brushing, hope more games are on the way!”

Woody S. (father of 3)

Only 2,5oz / 70g

Wireless charging

Comfortable soft touch

Single button control

Easy to clean

Brushing teeth is no longer a tedious task
with Kolibree mobile app

Use one toothbrush for the whole family

Easily Change brush heads

Switch profile in the app when it’s your turn

Download for free on the App Store and Google Play

Kolibree’s replaceable brush heads are high quality and manufactured in France.

Their soft round bristles protect the gums and help remove plaque efficiently.