first smart, fun, beautiful sonic toothbrush

The first smart sonic toothbrush that turns tooth brushing into a game, educates kids, and empowers parents.

Complete with:
  • 1 Kolibree Electric Bluetooth toothbrush
  • 2 changeable brush heads (white)
  • Power cable & induction charger
  • The free app and games

Kolibree turns tooth brushing into a playful experience for kids

Learning good dental habits become a game for your children

Enjoyable Family Experience

An enjoyable family experience: forget constant follow up on kids to make sure they brush regularly

Parents and children now can compete on who best brush their teeth.

Increased Dental Care

Gentle vibrations and rounded brush heads to protect gums.

Increased prevention means less plaque and cavities and better overall dental care.

best family toothbrush with app and games
The game has made children want to brush their teeth and do a better job.

- Pediatric Dentist CT
The dental care industry has tried many, many tricks to make brushing more appealing for kids, but Kolibree might actually be the industry's best bet yet.

- Gear Burn

Happy Kids' Pack


Kid brushing with connected sonic toothbrush

With this Pack you get:

  • One Kolibree Toothbrush
  • Two brush heads
  • One induction charger
  • The free app and game
  • An extra 3 brush heads for half the price

So a total of 5 brush heads with your Kolibree Toothbrush, which is perfect for families with up to 3 children and Mom and Dad.

Just swap the brush heads and all you need is one Kolibree toothbrush for whole family.

Team Player Pack


child brushing with interactive toothbrush

With the Team Player Pack you get:

  • One Kolibree Toothbrush
  • Two brush heads
  • One induction charger
  • The free app and game
  • 2 extra sets each containing 3 brush heads, including one for free!

So a total of 8 changeable brushes.

This Pack is perfect for large families where kids and parents can challenge each other, and Mom and Dad save buying new brushes.

Fun Family Pack


Two children using their smart electric toothbrushes

With Fun Family Pack you get:

  • Two Kolibree Toothbrushes
  • Two induction chargers
  • The free app and game
  • Four changeable head brushes
  • An extra 6 changeable brushes for kids and futur usage.

This is the best value you can get for large families, or for couples who want plenty of changeable brushes for the coming months.

A revolution in Teeth Brushing

Kolibree connected toothbrush and dental products


Kolibree Significantly Improves Patients Plaque Index

Doctor Holly Hasegawa conducted a pilot study to compare the efficiency of the Kolibree Connected Toothbrush and an average electric toothbrush for plaque removal...more