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About Kolibree
Kolibree is the first connected electric toothbrush. Equipped with a high-end technology and motion sensors, it controls the duration, efficacy, and frequency of your tooth brushing. The handle of the Kolibree toothbrush was designed to fit well in the grasp of both children and adults alike. Simple and elegant, the Kolibree toothbrush weighs only 70 grams. It monitors and improves oral hygiene, providing a unique experience thanks to its interaction with smartphones and tablets. The application connected to the toothbrush suggests several brushing activities, including a fun and educational adventure controlled by brushing movements and a coach that allows the user to control the brush in real time.
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Connected Kolibree Toothbrush
Kolibree connected toothbrush is compatible with the following devices/versions:
  • iPhone iOS 7 and above
  • iPad and IPad Mini iOS 7 and above
  • iPods of all generations with iOS 7 and above
  • Android 4.2 and above
You will need your smartphone or tablet and an internet connection to install your Kolibree toothbrush because you need to create an online account. Once the account is created, you can use your toothbrush without being connected to the internet.
Connect your Android or IOS device to the internet. Next, follow the steps of installation described in the user manual that came with your toothbrush or in the guide found online.
Kolibree toothbrushes are available in white. As for the changeable brush heads, three color options exist: pink, light blue, and dark blue. For our Kickstarter campaign, we have created limited edition toothbrushes with blue, pink, or grey handles. At the moment, there is no plan for new colored editions.
How do I use the Kolibree toothbrush?
Your toothbrush may need to be charged. Charge your toothbrush for 24 hours. Make sure that your charger is plugged in well to a plug that works. The brush head may not be placed correctly into the brush handle.
Yes. Your Kolibree toothbrush is electric. It works with a kind of vibration technology.
The Kolibree toothbrush was designed to be water resistant. We advise you not to submerge your toothbrush in liquids. It is not advised to use your toothbrush in the shower.
Once completely charged, the battery of your Kolibree toothbrush has a battery life of one week with normal usage (two uses per day with activated Bluetooth®).
The warning light on your Kolibree toothbrush changes color according to its battery level:
  • A green light means that the battery is full.
  • An orange light means that the battery is half-charged.
  • A red light means that the battery is low.
  • A flashing red light means that the battery is very low. At this level, the toothbrush needs to be charged before use.
The light on your Kolibree toothbrush changes color in different circumstances:
  • A green light means that the battery is full.
  • An orange light means that the battery is half-charged.
  • A red light means that the battery is low.
  • A flashing red light means that the battery is very low. At this level, the toothbrush needs to be charged before use.
  • A blue light means that your toothbrush is about to be connected to Bluetooth® or that it is already connected.
  • A flashing blue light means that your toothbrush will be visible to Bluetooth® devices for 60 seconds.
You just need to check the light on your Kolibree toothbrush. Hold down the button on the toothbrush until the light begins to flash blue. The toothbrush is now visible to Bluetooth® devices for 60 seconds.
For your first Bluetooth® connection, your mobile device will ask you for a password to connect to your toothbrush. Enter the code 0000 (zero zero zero zero).
After a certain period of nonuse, the Kolibree toothbrush automatically goes into energy saving mode and then to sleep mode in order to conserve the battery. Simply push on the button of the toothbrush to wake it up.
If your toothbrush is connected to a device, you will not be able to activate its Bluetooth® capability (shown by a blue light). In this case, make sure that it is not already connected to another device and, if it is, disconnect it.
After your toothbrush has been synced once, it will automatically be recognized by your mobile device when you use the Kolibree application. Sometimes the connection between your toothbrush and your device may be interrupted, preventing an automatic connection. If this happens, go to the Bluetooth® settings in your phone (for IOS) or click on the red icon in the Kolibree application (Android) and select your Kolibree toothbrush to reconnect.
The charger that comes with the Kolibree toothbrush can handle electrical currents between 110 and 240V AC, to 50 or 60Hz. You can travel from country to country with just a plug adapter for each.
Brushing with Kolibree
If it is the first time that you are using a toothbrush that uses vibration technology, you are probably not used to it. After a while, this feeling should go away. If the sensations persist after one week, ask your dentist for advice.
If the battery is low, it is possible that the toothbrush will vibrate slower. You should recharge your toothbrush. If you think that your Kolibree toothbrush vibrates more gently than other brands of electric toothbrushes, it is because we have designed it with the help of dentists and other medical professionals to prevent gum damage. The strength of vibration is adapted for optimal oral hygiene and is sufficient to destroy plaque if you brush your teeth for the recommended time period.
To stop the bristles from bumping harshly into your teeth, keep the toothbrush at a 45° from your teeth. Avoid putting too much pressure on your teeth and gums.
Kolibree accessories
Glue the Kolibree Grip on your wall or mirror and simply place your smartphone on it. Don't forget to wash your Kolibree Grip with soap and water regularly (every two days) in order to optimize the adhesion. If your smartphone is in a case, depending on the material, it may not stick very well to the Kolibree Grip.
Make sure that your Kolibree Grip is clean before attaching your smartphone. This will prevent it from falling. It is advised to wash the grip every two days with soap and water, then to let it dry after rinsing with water. It's possible that your smartphone or smartphone case is made of a material that does not adhere to the Kolibree Grip, such as soft-touch or soft material cases.
The Kolibree Application
The Kolibree application is available to download in both the App Store and the Google Play store.
Yes. The application is free and will stay that way.
The toothbrush is connected to the Kolibree application. This allows you to:
  • control and improve your brushing habits thanks to an active coach.
  • motivate your children to brush their teeth by transforming the moment into something fun and exciting.
  • partake in other brushing activities.
Make sure that the Bluetooth® of your phone is activated and that the Kolibree toothbrush is synced to your device. Note that the application will only recognize your toothbrush once it is synced. If your problems persist, don't hesitate to send us an e-mail at We will gladly respond with help.
If your toothbrush is completely charged and turned off, when you put it on the base it will not charge and, therefore, will not light up. You just need to press the button on the toothbrush to turn it on.
You must sync your toothbrush to your mobile device. Put your toothbrush on visible mode (hold down the button on the toothbrush until the light flashes blue). If you are using the IOS system: go to telephone settings, then the Bluetooth® section. You will see your toothbrush under the name KLTB001-XXXXXX or under the MAC address written on the back of its box. Click and connect. If you are using an Android system: go to the Bluetooth® settings or click on the round icon with a toothbrush in the upper right corner of the application. You will see your toothbrush appear under the name KLTB001-XXXXXX or under the MAC address written on the back of its box. Click and connect.
Your toothbrush is probably already connected to a mobile device. You just need to deactivate the Bluetooth® of nearby smartphones and retry with your phone.
Yes. You can use several Kolibree toothbrushes with one mobile device: one for each member of the family if you'd like. Connect them to the mobile device when you would like to use them. You can also change the usage mode of the toothbrush into shared or individual use. Go to the application settings under the toothbrush section and define the usage mode of the connected toothbrush. You will need to do one toothbrush after the other.
Yes. You can have as many devices connected to your toothbrush as you own. If you would like to have your toothbrush on multiple devices, start the Kolibree application somewhere with internet connection, sign in, and everything should automatically synchronize.
Continue in the same manner of synchronization as was used with the first toothbrush:
  1. Turn on your Kolibree toothbrush.
  2. Hold down the button on your toothbrush until the light flashes blue.
  3. Connect your IOS or Android device to Bluetooth®, by going to "Settings">"Bluetooth®">"Turn on Bluetooth®," and then select your new Kolibree toothbrush (KLTB001_xxxxxx).
  4. Launch the Kolibree application and follow the steps.
All of your data and statistics will be accessible through the Kolibree application by going to the Ranking section and by clicking on the user table that you would like to see detailed. You will also be able to access your data in more detail by connecting to your account online at the Kolibree website in the near future.
Purchase and Maintenance
The Kolibree box contains a toothbrush, a charger, two brush heads, and a user manual.
The Kolibree toothbrush is designed with a rechargeable battery that in nonreplicable. In case of any problems, contact the Kolibree customer support team.
The head of the toothbrush can be switched out for each member of the family. In order to alternate heads:
  1. Turn the brush head in a counter-clockwise motion until the two symbols are aligned.
  2. Pull the brush head upwards to remove it.
  3. Place the new brush head in its place and turn it in a clockwise direction.
You can order new brush heads on our website:
It is advised to change toothbrushes (or brush heads, in the case of electric toothbrushes) at least once every three months. We suggest that you replace your brush head once the bristles become too worn out to clean properly.
With IOS, it's possible to use the function Coach Lite without the Kolibree toothbrush. For other functions, it is not yet possible but will be shortly. Those who do not have the Kolibree toothbrush may also use the application if they would like to.
My Data
Your data belongs to you. We take the responsibility of protecting your data and your private life seriously. The only people who have direct access to your data are those who use your application. On our side, the data we see is anonymous when saved in our server. Find out more about our privacy policy.
If you choose to delete your Kolibree account, we will be very sad. However, we believe that your data belongs to you, so we will delete it permanently.